digital software solutions

We offer setup, training & support using our integrated software services to

corporate marketing, communications and advertising departments,

retailers, advertising agencies and in-house design studios.



  •  Briefing is a complete briefing workflow optimization system.

  • Tools include those for briefing, trafficking, task assignment,reporting and real-time dashboard

  • The system allows a complete overview of all ongoing, completed and archived jobs.


  • Emisha offers advanced digital photography and post-production.


Services include:

  • In-studio and on-site photography for product, lifestyle, and multi-genre

  • 3D (or animated GIF spins or in hemispherical views)

  • Superior post-production

Layout Generator

  • Layout Generator allows for the automated layout of products in Adobe InDesign.

  • This assists in the efficient layout of large print or digital catalogues.


  • AdCre8tor allows for the editable creation of artwork templates.

  • Elements can be defined as editable or non-editable

(e.g. allowing for artwork and copy to change whilst maintaining

a company’s corporate identity).

It can be used for:

  • Adverts

  • Leaflets

  • Newsletters

  • Corporate stationery

  • Social media posts, etc.



  • InstaProof is a digital online proofing component.

  • It allows for collaboration and reviews to occur in real time from anywhere.

  • It can be used for all forms of media (print, digital, TV and radio).

Mediasend Quote

  • Mediasend Quote is a customizable print procurement tool:

  • Provides an efficient, standardized print-procurement workflow solution.

  • Reduces costs.

  • Ensures adherence to printing policies.

Mediasend Delivery

  • This is a sophisticated, browser-based digital file delivery system for Print, T.V, Radio and Digital Material.

  • It ensures the efficient and rapid delivery of marketing material.

  • It eliminates delays by automatically checking the material against the recipient’s preflight specifications.

  • YouTransfer a secure platform for sharing files with anyone quickly.

  • Approved material is automatically archived in BrandFiler.


Eco Documents

  • EcoDocs is a digital storage space for documents and allows for interactive online viewing.

  • The system allows for embedding videos, hyperlinks, email addresses, and creating

clickable increasing interactivity navigation

  • Built-in tools such as social media sharing enables efficient and widespread distribution of the material.

  • The integration of Google Analytics provides effective tracking

(e.g. interactions, time spent, links clicked, etc.).


Competitor Marketing

  • Emisha monitors media content across many channels

  • Provides an independent view of your performance compared with competitors

  • Informs you to make better decisions to grow your brand

  • Actionable intelligence and insights



  • BrandFiler is a secure digital asset management system.

  • Users can store, search, or retrieve assets safely and efficiently.

  • System integration with our other products allows for the automatic storage of approved content.

  • BrandFiler provides a complete back-up in a fully managed hosting environment, with 24/7 access.